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  Look at us now
13.03.2006 von Jeany

Dieser Song stammt aus dem ersten Jahr von SB. Leider kann ich nicht genau sagen, in welcher Szene er gespielt wurde.

Look at us now

I can`t believe you`re here with me
After all that we`ve been through
Seems that every time
Our love was on the line
Our hearts knew what to do

They said we did`nt have a chance
They said our lives were world apart
But we knew all along
That with the love this strong
That we could`nt be wrong

Look at us now
Look at forever
Now that I have you
There`s nothing I can`t do
And it keeps on getting better
No matter what they say
We`ll stay together
We`ve made it trough somehow
Look at us now

And even now we`ve come this far
We must take it day by day
(day by day, babe)
little give and take
every step we make
let the love lead the way
if I could live my life again (again)
you know I wouldn`t change a thing
(wouldn`t change a thing)

Look at us now...

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